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Photography is my passion and teaching it follows closely behind. Helping others understand the capabilities of a camera to create breathtaking images is always a great feeling!

I believe that a camera is a tool that allows artists to broaden their visions of the world. During a workshop, I will help you learn what your camera is capable of, while you avoid all the trial and error frustration that comes naturally while learning this endless game!

I specialize in nightscapes (milkyway, stars), landscapes, long-exposure, and conceptual portraiture. In my workshops, I will teach you the functions and settings of you're camera, when and how to use those settings, and help you develop a creative eye to see a beautiful image--something that can take years to build. Whether you're a first timer, looking to get into the photography game, or someone looking to  just expand their knowledge and take photography a bit further, I have something that I can provide to help you! 

Arizona has many hidden gems that you and you're camera should see! If you're interested in a one-on-one or group workshop, Please fill out the contact form to in inquire about rates. Thanks for you're interest!

Student's image from a workshop.

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Natasha Wilson:

Bill Cantey is an amazing photographer and patient teacher. In one night of shooting he shared with me secret tips and advice that has taken him many years to collect. He had great suggestions not only for compositions but reminded me of the progressions of lenses appropriate as the light changed, from wide angle to telephoto, etc, from broad scene to close study. Bill has always been dedicated to photography no matter what the subject. I have rarely seen a photographer progress as fast as he does in the quality of this work. From being self taught through trial and error, spending every spare minute trying to find the next most beautiful place, I honestly can not think of a better teacher than Bill. Thank you so much for my lesson in astrophotography, and I can’t wait to see more of your work!

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