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Hi, I'm Bill Cantey and thanks for visiting my site. I'm based in Phoenix, Arizona and I specialize in landscape and nightscape photography. I shoot portraiture, commercial, and just about anything else you're interested in. I like testing my creativity, so bring on the challenges. 

My journey into photography started in 2011, when I bought my first camera. I was inspired, by the dreamscape images that i came across online. What is a dreamscape? Dreamscape describes a perspective that is presented in a unique way. Dreamscapes appear familiar at first glance, but there's something strangely unique about the image that we can't quite put our fingers on.

When I started practicing photography, I captured the shorelines, waterfalls, and green vegetation in my home state of South Carolina. In 2012, I moved to Arizona to pursue the hidden treasures of the Southwest.

In my work, I incorporate a unique touch of my own creativity, whether I'm capturing the vastness of the Milkyway or a genuine moment of laughter with a family. In my gallery you'll see that I manipulate elements that are already naturally present in the backdrop---light, colors, and shadows---to capture these moments of overlooked beauty.

My photography is available to view, purchase, license, and display on you're alternative. Are you interested in scheduling a shoot with me? If so, I would love to speak with you one on one! As you're photographer, my goal is to create an image that describes who you are, all quirks included, so I'm open to getting to know each other beforehand.

To reach out, please fill out the form in the contact section to you're left <---. I will get back to you within 48 hours. I look forward to meeting with you and appreciate you're time  :)

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